Climbing Areas & Topographic Routes

Taxi Girl wall:

10mm inox expansion bolts.

Sai Gon Wall:

Chemical bolts, , 2 rings on the top route, 2 hard routes. It was discovered by Tim Emmett and Neil Gresham since 2003 and rebolted on April 2008.

Van Boi Beach

10 mm inox expenson bolts, very safe, 2 years old. Discovered by 2 French expart living in Hanoi.

Ba Trai Dao: 6b, 7a

4 routes, 10mm inox expansion bolts, very safe. These routes were rebolted on August, 2OO8.

DWS areas:

E-cu 1: 6a

Cot Co1: 5b, 6b

Cot Co 2: 6c

Boys: 7a

Yen Ngua: 7C+

Le Me Kong 6a, 7b+

amazing DWS place, where have good tide all day.

Dau Be Crosses 5c, 7b

Hon Dua Islet

has a wonderful  DWS area: 5b, 6a.


Hang Du: 6a,7b+

Nam Cat: 5c, 6b+

Lions Den: 7a+

Lions Den was  Discovered  by

Tim Emmett & Neil Gresham since 2003.

Tien Ong: 6a;  7b+ 

Peter Tosen – Australia

Bat Cave:  6a 

Peter Tosen – Australia

Source : catbaventures