Environmental protection for sustainable tourism Cat Ba Island

According to assessment by the archeologist, fossil found in adults have Pleistocen later (from 01 million to 11,000 years ago). With the values so important, but not a historical, a location archeologist, of biological time on Cat Ba islands are recognized as a heritage / cultural relics in the country by statistics incomplete Dist. Hai Phong has 180 historical sites, including 96 monuments national level. By that, the managers as well as local authori
not be applied Law cultural heritage to prevent the violations relics are on Cat Ba islands.

Environment – the issues raised

In many years, Cat Ba has been identified as destinations of Hai Phong Tourism. Each year, Cat Ba attracted over 500 thousand visitors in the country with the purpose of sightseeing, holiday supplements, learn about the life of plants and scientific research. However, the pressure of tourism activity, the service not less impact to the environment Cat Ba.

End year 2008, management VQG Cat Ba has conducted surveys with over 300 visitors in the country about the impact on the natural environment in and outside the scope VQG. The main causes that affect the environment VQG by tourism activities and local communities (accounting for 70% of comments are asked). In addition, the impact on the environment in tourism areas is due to operation of business tourism and other economic sectors. Sources that impact the environment including waste, waste water, but not to the level of serious pollution of water or air, but also had signs of pollution within a small, not less impact to the species slide, and sea vegetation to the impression is not good in the tourists. Besides the hotel system, hotel and restaurant is built as planned does not lose the beauty of tourism with over 500 of the friends, more than 8000 species of cage aquaculture seafood sea focus recently, dozens of tons food fish is brought down to the sea every day, that part of the fish do not eat all of that creates l?ng d?ng at the bottom each year through the sea began as pollution field causing sea fish dead series. Most assessments of tourists in the first survey last all that, the system garbage collection, water treatment at local (including regional VQG and tourist) but has been made but also the level of not so thoroughly, not comprehensive, the trash has been in the number of points but is still limited, system of garbage collection on the water not very effective, the public toilets missing, especially in the focus people, information systems directed environmental missing a lot; measures prompted, management has implemented, but not often, not depth; níu pull the customers to still happen out, causing troublesome for guests, especially foreigners … a cause no less important impact on the natural environment of Cat Ba is the work of thousands of fishing vessels, ships guests, vessels carry oil … Most of the boats in operation in each reg

Bèo are straight lose and waste the sea. Consequences actually occur as many days at the sea Bèo each color inlet, b?c nasty, bad influence to environment and tourism activities. Your country is not only affecting the tourism activities that also died of coral reefs and some species can and in the sea floor …

Some solutions

To protect the environment Cat Ba to develop sustainable tourism – to be economic sectors key, local authorities and relevant agencies need to conduct much of measures:

First, the need to install additional measures to guide and remind guests leave garbage right place rule, add the bin refuse collection, measures for handling waste, waste water better;

Monday, strengthening information systems environment to guide guests to the regulations on environmental protection, and warning for the environmental status and responsibilities of each individual; layout more zones public toilets.

Tuesday, Local government will need to develop civilized lifestyle in local communities to accept their vision of self-regulation to protect marine environment, do not litter clutter, limit waste and you have not treated the environment school; have sanctions for the coastal construction, tourist activities, services, entertainment coast, the sea must have a system to process waste, ensuring no waste water pollution stipulated; measures strength to handle harshly with those who violate the laws of environmental protection.

In addition, the need to build development planning Cat Ba tourism a sustainable manner, which should make the development model in which, the local conditions contributed more to the conserve natural resources, cultural heritage and enjoy the many benefits from tourism activities.

Cat Ba is one of the major tourist’s famous Hai Phong Tourism and Vietnam. Therefore, the set is to keep Cat Ba is a clean environment, beautiful scenery of nature, rich in forest resources, marine to Cat Ba match build the international biosphere reserve world.

By: sumariana